G&L 7GB WaterGun Booster Pumps, G&L 7GB, G&L WaterGun Booster Pumps, G&L Pumps G&L 7GB WaterGun Booster Pumps


  • Multi-stage Design: Provides steady, quiet, vibration free, operation.

  • O-ring Casing Seal: Reliable high pressure sealing with easy disassembly for maintenance or repair.

  • Impellers and Diffusers: Glass filled engineered composite material with floating impeller design. High resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

  • Bowls: 300 stainless steel rabbit lock for positive alignment with no gaskets required.

  • Motors: Close coupled NEMA 56J motors in open drip proof design. Single phase. Ball bearings carry all radial and axial thrust loads. Designed for continuous operation.

  • ¾" hose adapters and 4-foot suction hose supplied.


The WaterGun® provides fast, efficient cleaning for:

  • Homes

  • Farms

  • Service stations

  • Fast food restaurants

  • Kennels

  • Marinas

Also excellent for booster service.



  • Capacities: to 10 GPM

  • Heads: to 500 ft. (216 PSI

  • Pipe Connections: 1" NPT Suction and Discharg

  • Maximum flow: 10 GPM

  • Minimum flow: 1 GPM

  • Maximum Suction (Inlet) Pressure: 75 PSI

  • Maximum Liquid Temperature: 160°F (71°C)

  • Rotation: Clockwise when viewed from motor end

  • Carry handle: supplied

  • Maximum lift with foot valve: 10 ft. (check NPSH curve)


  • NEMA Standard: 56J frame

  • Open drip proof

  • 60 HZ, 3500 RPM, single phase (115 V)

  • Single phase motors have built in capacitor and overload with automatic resets.

  • 10 ft. power cord with G.F.I. molded plug

G&L 7GB WaterGun Booster Pump Technical Bulletin
G&L 7GB WaterGun Booster Pump Instruction Manual