G&L GWP Plumber Wastewater Package Systems with PS and PV pumps Pump/Basin Packages

G&L GWP, Plumber Wastewater Package Systems, PS and PV pumps, Pump/Basin Packages, G&L Goulds PumpsFully Assembled with WW05 Sewage Pump and Ribbed Polyethylene Basin


  • Homes, rural water districts, parks and dewatering

  • Wastewater containing solids up to 2?

  • Sewage lift station

  • Anywhere waste or drainage must be disposed of quickly, quietly and efficiently

  • Waste drainage in new additions below sewer line

Features and Benefits

  • Eight (8) bolt structural foam cover is strong and corrosion resistant

  • Fully assembled at the factory

  • Ribbed polyethylene basin for strength and durability

  • Schedule 40, 2" pvc discharge pipe with 1/8" bleed hole is factory installed

  • Vent grommets for both 2" and 3" vent provided

G&L GWP Technical Brochure