G&L Aquavar Intelligent Pump Controller

G&L, Aquavar, Intelligent Pump Controller, G&L PumpsThe Aquavar® Intelligent Pump Controller from CentriPro utilizes an all new Aquavar platform, and combines it with over 20 years of variable speed pumping experience. The Aquavar is designed to provide variable frequency pumping control of speed, pressure, flow and level over a wide range of submersible and above ground applications. Here are just a few of the features and benefits of this versatile product:

Features and Benefits

  • Application specific “Start-Up Genie” guides you through quick and easy commissioning

  • Full range of Open, Indoor, and Outdoor enclosures

  • Ambient temperatures up to 45°C (113°F) without derating

  • Removable, graphical control panel with display

  • Fully backlit display with large text makes the control pad easy to read

  • Info key activates on board parameter and fault descriptions

  • My Personal Menu allows user to focus on specific user selected and saved parameters

  • Alarm Log key for quick access to alarms and maintenance events

  • Hand on, Auto on, and Off buttons for easy pump operation at the keypad – No toggling between local and remote operation!

  • Modbus® RTU, BACnet MS/TP, Johnson Controls Metasys® N2, Siemens Apogee FLN P1, & FC Protocol included in standard drive – Other communications available with option cards

  • Capable of controlling up to 2 fixed speed pumps, with one standard drive – Option for control of 3 fixed speed pumps using optional relay card

  • Duplex variable speed pumping control with auto lead/lag & alternate

  • Transducer assembly (0-300 psi) and 16’ foot shielded cable included for constant pressure

  • Standard dual DC-link reactors – Reduces the level of harmonics similar to a 5% AC line reactor without the voltage drop across the full load range!

  • EMC/RFI filters designed to reduce drive noise emissions and interference strict standards. RFI filter for Class A2 is standard.

  • Automatic Motor Adaption – For optimized performance and efficiency

  • Automized Energy Optimization – Regulates output voltage to improve system efficiency as loads change

  • Helps protect the pump from cavitation, dead head and blocked suction.

  • Helps protect the motor from short circuit, phase loss, overload, undervoltage, overvoltage

  • Alarm Log records the last 5 alarms

  • Large connection area allows more space for incoming power and motor wiring

  • USB Connectivity – Remotely commission and monitor through PC software

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