Grundfos Industrial Stock & Slurry Pump: Peerless 8175 Series Process Pump

Grundfos Industrial Stock & Slurry Pump, Peerless 8175 Series Process Pump, Grundfos PumpsIndustrial Stock & Slurry Pump

Peerless 8175 Series process pump is manufactured for a wide range of flow and head requirements. The 8175 Series pumps is engineered to lower your operating costs over time. Designed for endurance, it is possible to replace only the back-pullout assembly without having to remove the coupling and motor. Casings are extra thick, and shafts and bearings are heavy-duty, making the 8175 the ideal pump for the toughest of services.

The 8175 Series pump is interchangeable with competitors’ pumps, making it possible to retrofit existing installations with quality Peerless Pump products. All 8175 Series power ends are backed with Peerless Pump’s three-year warranty.


The 8175 Series pumps fit a wide range of applications and can accommodate:

  • Paper stock
  • Slurry, entrained air
  • Abrasive liquids

These pumps are extensively used in the pulp and paper, chemical, wastewater, pharmaceutical, plastics, steel, and refining industries. Many alloys, options, and sealing systems make it an ideal choice for almost any application.

Features and Benefits

The 8175 Series casing is a self-venting, top centerline discharge with a fully confined gasket. The renewable side plate, which comes standard on all 8175 pumps, protects the casing against wear in abrasive.

8175 Series Pump Brochure