Grundfos MAGNA Large Variable Speed Circulation Pump

Grundfos MAGNA, Large, Variable Speed Circulation Pump, Grundfos PumpsLarge Variable Speed Circulation Pump

The Grundfos MAGNA is an energy efficient, variable-speed wet rotor circulator pump. By utilizing a permanent-magnet rotor, a revolutionary design by Grundfos, the MAGNA delivers a powerful performance with minimal noise.

The MAGNA also features AUTOADAPT – a function unique to Grundfos – which analyses your heating system, learns what works best for your application and changes the settings accordingly. AUTOADAPT regularly adjusts the proportion pressure and automatically sets a more efficient performance curve wherever possible, ensuring system efficiency and saving energy.

It’s easy to install, simple to operate, and an excellent choice for replacement applications. With these features and more, MAGNA is the smart choice for optimized pump efficiency.


The MAGNA is suitable for the following heating system applications:

  • Main loop

  • Mixing loops

  • Heating surfaces

The MAGNA is suitable for the following installations:

  • Apartment buildings

  • Universities

  • Airports

  • Hospitals

  • Government buildings

  • Large buildings

Features and Benefits

  • Permanent magnet motor design – reduces power consumption by 50% or more

  • Integrated frequency converter ensures maximum efficiency during operation

  • Patented AUTOADAPT function controls performance automatically

  • Low noise level

  • Flows from 0 to 52 GPM

  • Simple to install