Grundfos MULTILIFT Lifting Stations

Grundfos MULTILIFT Lifting StationsMULTILIFT lifting stations are complete systems designed to lift wastewater from below sewer level in buildings on any scale, allowing the water to reach the sewer system easily. They combine pumps with tanks and controls to ensure easy installation at minimum cost.

The lifting stations provide simple solutions to complex problems.

MULTILIFT units range in size from small MSS units for single-storey homes to large MD1 units created for large buildings. Whatever their size, MULTILIFT units are designed for compactness and easy, discrete installation.

These lifting stations comprise a variety of models from small, one-source units to dual pump systems, with tank volume capacities from 66 litres up to 1,350 litres.


A Lifting station collects wastewater from below sewer level in a building and removes it to the sewer system. It also prevents backflow/backwater in the event of high water level in the sewer.

For single-storey houses and weekend cottages use MULTILIFT MSS or M. Multiple storey houses and commercial or public buildings of any kind always require a dual pump system; choose MULTILIFT MD, MLD, or MD1/MDV.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to five motor sizes available for each tank size

  • Pre-assembled units include a non-return valve

  • Lower weight means easy handling and installation

  • Easy-to-use microprocessor with setpoints for two different levels

  • Two adjustable inlet heights in one system

  • Reliable microprocessor control stays up-dated on the operating situation

  • High-quality pressure sensor without contact to the wastewater and separate high-water alarm sensor

  • Flexible inlet connections using sockets or connection pieces.

  • Option of three main DN100 inlets with two additional inlet connections offers maximum flexibility

  • Wide range of tank sizes to suit every application

  • Chamfered tank bottoms to avoid sedimentation and reduce residual-wastewater

  • Airtight polyethylene material for a gas- and odour-proof system Non-clocking Vortex impellers with free passages up to 80mm