Grundfos Vertical Suction Pump: PACO Type VSM Close Coupled, PACO Type VSMS Split Coupled

Grundfos Vertical Suction Pump, PACO Type VSM Close Coupled, PACO Type VSMS Split Coupled, Vertical Suction Pumps, Grundfos PumpsCompact, Vertical Suction Pump

Type VSM (Close Coupled)
Type VSMS (Split Coupled)

Small footprint for tight spaces

  • Vertically mounted top suction/top discharge pump fits where many pumps won’t.

Simplified installation

  • Same-size suction and discharge connections simplify piping.

  • VSM/VSMS pumps don’t require grouting.

Low life cost

  • Contoured suction baffle provides laminar flow to impeller.

  • Suction and discharge bends, eliminating the need for suction diffusers, angle type valves and/or elbows, which improves overall system efficiency.

  • Short shaft with minimum overhang reduces shaft deflection and improves bearing and me­chanical seal life.

Easier service

  • Top pull out design allows rotating assembly to be removed without disturbing the volute or piping for ease of maintenance and service.


  • Double volute design helps to reduce radial thrust and prolong seal life.

  • Ductile iron construction provides the highest nozzle load in the industry.

Product Range

  • Sizes 4” to 10”

  • Flows up to 4100 GPM

  • Heads up to 400 feet

  • Horsepower up to 125 hp

  • Fluid temp up to 275°F


  • Cooling and refrigeration

  • Condensed water

  • Hot water

  • Process water

  • Heating systems

  • Pressure boosting

  • Water utility

Features & Benefits

  • Volute flanges allow for vertical piping – no need for horizontal suction pipe runs, elbows, suction guides, or discharge elbows

  • Double volute – extends seal and bearing life, minimizes noise and vibration, & improves operating efficiency

  • Type VSMS – spacer coupling allows easy disassembling and replacement of mechanical seal without removing motor

  • Ductile iron pump stand – no grouting requirements and minimal footprint

  • Heavy duty cast & machined motor bracket – rigid and reliable mounting surface with easy alignment

  • Case wear rings – reduce maintenance costs and maintain high efficiencies

  • Francis vane impeller design – increases efficiency and reduces NPSH required

  • Trimmed and balanced Impellers – customization, reduced noise and vibration, & prolonged seal and bearing life

  • Shaft sleeves –extend life of shaft and usable life of pump

VSM, VSMS Brochure