Grundfos, DDI 222 Dosing Pump, DDI 222 Digital Dosing PumpGrundfos DDI 222 Dosing Pump

Extending digital dosing capacities to 150 l/h

The DDI series has proved itself on the market as a champion in dosing technology. The DDI 222 possesses extended features to higher rates up to 150 l/h, and many special features have been developed for equally special dosing tasks.


Dosing of

  • chemicals for pH-control

  • disinfectants (i.e. hypochlorite, peracetic acid, peroxide)

  • anti-scaling and anti-fouling aids

  • anticorrosion aids

  • flocculation and coagulation aids

Features and Benefits

  • Setting capacity in l/h or gal/h

  • Anti-cavitation function

  • Pulse/-timer-based batch control

  • Batch programming

  • Double diaphragm system

  • Manual/pulse control

  • Options:
    - Profibus DP V0
    - FlowMonitor for flow and pressure monitoring, with AUTOCAL function

  • Highly effective deaeration

  • (0)4-20 mA control (freely settable)

  • User-friendliness and ergonomics

  • Cost-efficient through precise and smooth dosing

  • SlowMode: Reliable dosing of viscous media up to 2600mPas

  • Consistent continuous dosing

  • Process reliability

  • Energy-saving EC motor technology

  • Easy calibration

Grundfos DDI Dosing Pump Datasheet

Grundfos DDI Dosing Pump Brochure