Vertical,Turbine,Pumps,Gusher PumpsFlow rates exceeding 15,000 GPM. Ideal for central coolant systems, cooling towers, paint, waste treatments, and many more high-pressure applications.

Vertical Turbine Pumps Features:

  • Available in 30” Bowls

  • Flow Rates Exceeding 15,000 GPM

  • Vertical Turbine, Propeller, Mixed Flow, and High Pressure Pumps

  • Available with Motor Thrust Stands which Allows for Utilization of Normal Thrust

  • Standard C-Face Motors

  • Impellers are Adjusted at the Factory – No Field Adjustment Necessary

  • Vertical Hollow Shaft and Vertical Solid Shaft High Thrust Designs Available

  • Product Lubricated with Packed Box or Mechanical Seal, Enclosed Line Shaft Grease, Oil or Water Flush Lubricated Designs

  • To Eliminate Packing and Mechanical Seals Ask About Our “Auto Seal” Design

  • Automatic Deflector Sealing of Pumpage

  • Top Pull Out Design Available

  • Extra Hard Bowl Bearings Available

  • Below Plate Discharge Available

  • Cast iron or Stainless Steel Construction

Vertical Turbine Pumps Applications:

  • Central Coolant Systems

  • Cooling Towers

  • E-Coat/Elpo Paint

  • Phosphate Systems

  • Industrial Washers

  • Spray Booth/Sludge Systems

  • High Pressure Washers/Gun Drilling

  • Welder Water

  • Quench Systems

  • Scale Pits

  • Quarry

  • Waste Treatment