Hays Fluid Controls

Hays Fluid Controls manufactures automatic flow control valves in imperial and metric sizes, which operate over a wide range of differential pressures.

WSHP and Fan Coil Connection Kits

HoseKits are a convenient method of combining the advantages of flow control and a flexible connection. Our kits are supplied with a Mesurflo™Automatic Balancing valve, a non-ported ball valve, two stainless steel braided hoses, and a ball valve with P/T ports. All kits are 100% leak tested before shipping!

Automatic Balancing Valves

The "Gold Standard" For Controlling Water Flow In HVAC Systems

Automatic Balancing Valves - Hays' patented Mesurflo® automatic flow control valves have been called the "Gold Standard" because their unique features and benefits make them the ideal solution for controlling flow in waterbased cooling and heating systems. Unlike other control valves which can be noisy and clog easily, Mesurflo® offers you these significant benefits:

Manual Balancing Valves

Manual Balancing Valves fom hays Fluid Controls featuring, Venturi Type Manual Balancing Valve, Hays Mesurmeter Manual Balancing Valve, Hays Mesurmeter for Flow Verification, Hays Y-Ball Venturi Type Manual Balancing Valve, Hays Y-Ball Venturi Type Manual Balancing Valve and Series CBVF Combination Butterfly/Venturi with Flange.

Valve Components

Valve Components from Hays Fluid Controls featuring stainless steel braided hose, condensate hose, ball valves, Y-Ball combination strainer, cast iron wye strainer, combination butterfly valve & wye strainer, steel hook-up accessories, BFA butterfly valve, automatic temperature control valve and valve actuators.

Marine Products

Automatic flow control/balancing valve for shipboard chilled water air conditioning systems. Electronic cooling water systems (ECWS) and sea water cooling water systems

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valves from Hays Fluid Controls consist of the Series 2110 Electroflo Solenoid Valve, Series 2192 Electro-Steam Piston/Pilot Type Solenoid Valve, Series 3108 Duo-Electroflo Solenoid Valve, and Mesurflo® Automatic Flow Control Valve Series 2305 and 2307.

Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV)

The The Mesurflo® Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV) from Hays Fluid Controls prevents the operating system from experiencing excessive flow. In conditions where higher than normal pressures occur, Mesurflo® Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV) lowers total system flow.