Butterfly Valves Equipped for Actuator Mounting from Hayward Industrial Flow Control Systems

1-1/2" to 24", with PVC, CPVC or PPL Bodies with PVC, CPVC, PPL or PVDF Discs

Butterfly Valves, Actuator MountingRemote Control Valves: These valves are ideal for reliable control of process fluids in a piping system. They enable all Hayward actuators and accessories to be mounted quickly with accurate alignment and proper support. They work equally well in both on/off and modulating services.

Advanced Design: Hayward Butterfly Valves feature a blowout proof stem and a unique liner with a "V" notch retention design that insures positive sealing of the liner to the body. An integral face seal eliminates the need for additional, costly flange mounting gaskets. The rock solid, integrally molded actuator mounting pad insures that the actuator align correctly to the valve stem and functions reliably.

No Metal, No Process Media Contamination: The valves have no metal in contact with the process media. They cannot corrode or rust, nor will they contaminate sensitive fluid flowing through them.

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  • Fully supported flange bolt holes

  • Positive seal of liner to valve body

  • Integrally molded mounting pad

  • Stainless steel shaft

  • Blowout proof stem

  • Wafer body design

  • Two Year Warranty

  • Electric actuators

  • Pneumatic actuators

  • Stem extensions

  • Stainless Steel lugs

  • Titanium shaft

  • Lug bodies

  • Mounting kits