Electric Actuators Hayward Series EVS/EVT

Electric Actuators Hayward Series EVS/EVTFor All Sizes of Ball Valves and Butterfly Valves up to 12"

Electric Actuators, Hayward, Series EVS, EVTThe Best Choice Overall: This is the electric actuator that can do it all. There are models to work with all size true union and three-way ball valve and butterfly valves up to 12" in size in both on/off and modulating applications. A complete set of options allows the actuator to be configured to meet virtually any application specification.

Modular Design: These actuators have been designed with a circuit board that readily accepts plug in connectors. There is no hard wiring to fail to tangle with during installation. The motor, limit switches and other accessories simply plug into the circuit board. Other than wiring connected to the terminal strip on the circuit board, there is absolutely no other internal wiring.

Advanced Design Features: Gold plated electrical connectors assure precise, positive contact and resist internal corrosion and condensation. The efficient spur gear drive train is supported by needle bearings which make it very secure, while eliminating the potential for side loading of the output shaft.

Fail Safe Option: This option provides for the opening or closing of the valve in the event of power failure. A daughter board with a battery pack will provide power for up to 10 cycles in the event of power loss.

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  • Extended duty motor

  • Multi-option availability

  • Manual override

  • Position indicator

  • UL listed motor

  • Permanent lubrication

  • Nema 4 / 4X housing

  • Gold plated connectors

  • 115 VAC operation

  • Two Year Warranty

  • Limit switches

  • Positioners

  • Voltage options

  • Fail-safe operation

  • Feedback potentiometer

  • Extended duty motor

  • Heater and thermostat

  • Nema 4, 4x, 7 and 9 enclosure

  • UL or CSA certification

  • Mechanical brake