Electrically Actuated True Union Ball Valves from Hayward

Hayward Series EA, 1/2" to 2", PVC Electrically Actuated True Union Ball Valves

Electrically Actuated, True Union, Ball Valves, HaywardLow Cost, Full Featured Valve and Actuator Combination

Low Cost Automation: The EA electrically actuated true union ball valve is the perfect answer to cost sensitive, automated valve applications that can't get by with less than a full featured valve and actuator combination. Other low cost automated valves use a stripped down actuator with a non-repairable, "throw-a-way" type valve. The EA features a fully serviceable true union ball valve for long reliable service.

Corrosion Resistant Valve: The all plastic construction of the EA true union ball valve means that there will never be a problem with rust or corrosion. The valve will never stick, jam or fail to operate like a metal valve might because of corrosion.

Built to Last: The EA Series valves feature a rugged 110 VAC electric actuator with an output torque of 140 in. lbs. A built-in, automatic resetting thermal overload protector prevents motor burnout. The 25% duty cycle motor drives the valve through a permanently lubricated, rugged gear train. There is never a need to set, adjust or fool with internal actuator adjustments, which are set for the life of the actuator when it is built. All internal components are sealed inside a rugged, all plastic Nema 4X housing.

True Union Ball Valve: Rated at 225 psi, the valve features a true union design for easy removal from the piping system for maintenance. There is never a need to disturb piping c connections. EPDM seals and PTFE seats hold up to the most aggressive of applications. The full port valve design insures maximum flow rates with low pressure drops. This rugged, fully serviceable valve will provide years of reliable service in the most demanding of applications.

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  • All-plastic PVC construction

  • Rated to 225 psi

  • EPDM seals

  • PTFE seats

  • Full port design

  • Fully Serviceable

  • Double o-ring stem seal

  • Two Year Warranty

  • All-plastic Nema 4x enclosure

  • Thermal overload protection

  • Permanently lubricated gear train

  • Actuator brake

  • No need for manual adjustments