In Tank Filtration Systems

In Tank,Filtration,Systems,Hayward,Industrial,Products

In Tank Filtration Systems

In Tank,Filtration,Systems,Hayward,Industrial,ProductsPump and Filter Cartridge Combination

Designed to filter process fluid within a tank eliminating the time and expense needed to install a separate, stand alone, filter and pump. The filter features all plastic, CPVC construction with Viton® for exceptional chemical resistance and are available with either one or two filter cartridges.

Changing filter cartridges is quick and easy for both single and double filter units. A simple quick disconnect union is used to connect the filter cartridge to the pump. Just unscrew the union, no tools are required, and remove the filter cartridge and assembly. It takes only seconds and there are no plastic screws that could be cross-threaded, especially at higher temperatures. To make the cartridge change our process even faster additional disconnect unions are available to make up preloaded assemblies with clean filter cartridges.

The In Tank Filtration unit comes standard with one 50 micron wound, polypropylene filter cartridge. Cartridges are also available in 1, 5, 10, 30, 75 and 100 micron ratings and have a 1" I.D. and a 2 1/2" O.D. Single or double cartridge configurations are available in either 10" or 20" lengths. In Tank Filtration Systems are available with Series S and D pumps that are seal-less and can be run dry. These heavy duty, reliable pumps come with Hayward's unique two year warranty.


For 1 to 100 micron filtration in the following industries:

  • Plating

  • Electronics

  • Photo Processing

  • Pollution Control

  • Chemical processing

  • Water Treatment


  • All plastic CPVC construction will never rust or corrode.

  • Compact, easy to install.

  • No metal in contact with the process fluid.

  • Quick and easy filter cartridge changes.

  • Viton® O-Ring seal.

  • Pump can be run dry.

  • Single or dual filter cartridge assembly.