Plastic Duplex Bag Filter from Hayward

Plastic Duplex Bag Filters Single & Double Length Sizes PPL Filter Housings with CPVC Valve Assemblies

Corrosion Is Never a Problem: A metal filter housing will ultimately rust or corrode and contaminate the process media. There is no danger of this happening with a Hayward All Plastic Simplex Bag Filter. It will never rust or corrode and never compromise the quality of the process fluid.

Extra Features, No Extra Cost: Features such as a vent/bleed valve installed on the cover of the polypropylene model and an integral mounting flange are all standard with every Hayward Simplex Bag Filter.

Easy Bag Change-Out: These filters are designed for easy service. A hand-removable cover and a built-in restrainer basket handle makes bag change-outs fast and easy....reducing expensive downtime. No tools are needed and the filter is back in service in a matter of minutes. The external cover threads are not in contact with the process media, thus eliminating the need for cleaning each time the bag is changed. For extra strength the cover features specially designed buttress style threads.

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  • Two PPL simplex bag filters linked with a custom CPVC valve assembly

  • No line shutdown for bag changeout

  • Built-in mounting platform

  • In-line or loop flow

  • Two Year Warranty

  • Vent gauge with gauge guards

  • Pressure differential gauges

  • Pressure differential switches

  • Automated operation - electric or pneumatic