Plastic Swing Check Valves from Hayward

3" to 8", PVC and PPL Plastic Swing Check Valves

Twice the Temperature/Pressure Rating of Other Plastic Swing Check Valves: Hayward swing check valves have up to twice the temperature/pressure rating of other plastic swing check valves, and can replace metal valves in many applications. Compare the temperature/pressure rating of Hayward Swing Check Valves to others and see the difference.

Unique Two-In-One Seat Design: Swing check valves are often used with slurries or other liquids that can damage the valve seat. A damaged seat in an ordinary swing check results in a useless, destroyed valve. But not with Hayward Swing Check Valves. They feature a unique two-in-one seat design that doubles the valve's service life. The valve body is constructed from two identical halves. If one seat is damaged, simply re-position the clapper so that it seats against the other body seat. Then reverse the valve in the pipeline. Now the valve is again ready for service.

Built in O-Ring Flange Seals: Hayward Swing Check Valves are furnished ready for installation with two built in o-ring flange seals. There is no need to purchase additional, expensive flange gaskets.
Self-Aligning Clapper Seal: Bubble tight checking, with a minimum of only 3 psi back pressure, is assured with Hayward's rugged, self-aligning clapper seal design.

No Corrosion: Because of their all plastic construction Hayward Swing Check Valves will never stick or jam as a result of rust or corrosion. And they can survive corrosive environments and harsh weather conditions, places where a metal check valve has to be painted or epoxy coated just to survive.

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  • High Temperature/Pressure Ratings

  • Patent-Pending Two-in-One Seat Design

  • Built-in Flange sSals

  • Two Drain Ports

  • Self-Aligning Clapper Seal

  • Two Year Warranty

  • Counterweight for Closing Assistance

  • Limit Switch for Position Indication

  • Spring Assist Closure