Plastic Y Check Valves from Hayward

1/2" to 4", PVC Plastic Y Check Valves

Plastic, Y Check Valves, HaywardBackflow Prevention: Hayward Y-Check Valves prevent reversal of flow in piping systems. They are ideal where backflow could potentially cause damage to pumps, filters or process equipment.

Reliable Operation: The valve operates without the need for any adjustments or settings. A plastic coil (not a spring) supports the disc inside the valve body. When the inlet flow stops, backpressure (a minimum of 2 psi is required) moves the disc with its elastomer o-ring onto a plastic seat, shutting off the flow. The plastic coil reliably guides the disc onto the seat. If your application requires a spring loaded check valve click here.

Easy Maintenance: Hayward Y Check Valves are easily serviced without disconnection from the piping system. Just remove the heavy duty hex cap for quick access to the internal valve components.

No Corrosion Failures: Because of their all plastic construction, these valves will never jam or stick because of rust or corrosion. Also they will not contaminate sensitive fluids that come into contact with them. And they require no painting or coatings to stand up to corrosive environments.

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  • Works In Any Position

  • Minimum Pressure Drop

  • Hex Cap Removes Easily For Screen Cleaning

  • PVC Coil to Guide Disc to a Positive Seat

  • Minimal Back Pressure Required to Seat Disc

  • Two Year Warranty