Plastic Pneumatic Actuators Hayward Series PAD/PAS

Hayward Series PAD/PAS For 1/4" through 2" Ball Valves

Plastic, Pneumatic Actuators, Hayward, Series, PAD, PASCorrosion Resistant: Hayward PAD and PAS plastic pneumatic actuators feature a housing made of corrosion resistant plastic. This housing stands up to corrosive environments and to other harsh conditions.

Two Modes of Operation: Series PAD plastic pneumatic actuators are air-to-air (double acting) actuators, while the PAS Series are air-to spring (fail safe) actuators. Air-to air actuators require air pressure for both actuation cycles, open and close. Air-to spring actuators utilize a mechanical spring return unit, enclosed in a plastic housing, to operate one of the actuation cycles. This type of actuator can be set to have the spring, rather than air pressure, open or close the valve.

Rugged Design: Hayward PAD and PAD plastic pneumatic actuators feature a proven vane design for extremely reliable service with minimum maintenance. This design utilizes only one moving part, the vane assembly.

Modular Mounting Options: PAD and PAS plastic pneumatic actuators feature a modular mounting system for options. Options mount separately to the actuator, they are not "built in". This allows the selection of only the options that are actually needed for an application. Your never have to pay for an "option package" with features you may not need. Modular mounting also means you can add options to the actuator in the field.

Both PAD and PAS plastic pneumatic actuators can be operated manually in the event of air or electrical failure.

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  • Plastic Housing

  • Proven Vane Design

  • Manual Override

  • Position Indicator

  • Very Light Weight

  • High Torque Output

  • Two Year Warrant

  • Solenoid valves

  • Voltage options

  • Limit switches

  • Cycle speed controls

  • Adjustable Travel Stops