Three-Way Ball Valve Equipped for Actuator Mounting from Hayward

1/2" to 6", PVC and Corzan® CPVC - Three-Way Ball Valve Equipped for Actuator Mounting

Three-Way, Ball Valve, Actuator Mounting, HaywardThree Flow Patterns: Hayward Three-Way Ball Valve for Actuator Mounting come standard with an "NT" ball that permits the flow to be diverted from the bottom port to either the left or right ports, there is no off position. An optional "TW" ball, used with the proper actuator, adds an off position to the "NT" flow pattern of left or right. An optional "TP ball allows flow through all ports at the same time, or complete flow shut off.

Solid Actuator Mounting Design: For rock solid actuator mounting, the valve incorporates a unique design whereby the mounting bracket mounts directly to the valve body without the need for failure prone glued or clamped on mounting pads. This assures proper alignment of the actuator to the valve without creating any damaging side loads to cause premature stem seal failure.

One Piece Body: The one piece molded body features an integrally molded bottom port. There are no fabricated connections to leak or fail.

No Metal, No Corrosion: These all plastic valves will never fail due to rust or corrosion and they do not require painting epoxy coating to stand up to aggressive environments.

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  • Double stem seals

  • Rated to 150 psi

  • True Union Design

  • Three flow patterns

  • Integral mounting pad

  • Two Year Warranty

  • Electric actuators

  • Pneumatic operators

  • Stem extensions for 3", 4" and 6" valves

  • TP and TW Balls for different flow patterns
    Mounting kits.