True Union Plastic Ball Valves from Hayward

1/4" to 6", PVC, Corzan® CPVC and PPL - True Union Ball Valves

True Union, Plastic Ball Valves, HaywardRugged, Heavy Wall Construction: Stands up to the most aggressive applications. Hayward True union Ball Valves can take the day to day abuse of industrial service and continue to function.

True Union Design: This makes these valve very easy to maintain by allowing for easy removal from a piping system without breaking down piping connections. Just unscrew the two assembly nuts and lift the valve body out of the line.

Advanced Design Features: Hayward True Union Ball Valves are superior performers. A fine pitch seal retainer thread allows for accurate compensation for seat wear. Reversible seats make it easy to get a damaged valve back in service. Should the seats become damaged they only need to be removed, turned over, and reinstalled to put the valve back on line. These valves feature a double o-ring stem seal for twice the leakage protection of valves with only a single stem seal.

Never a Problem with Corrosion: This is because of the valves all plastic construction. They will never rust or corrode...and they can survive corrosive environments without the need for painting or expensive epoxy coatings.
Easily Automated: These valves have been designed sot that they can be easily converted to an automated valve in the field. To do this, just remove the compression fit handle and install an actuator mounting bracket.

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  • Full Port Design

  • Reversible PTFE Seats

  • Double Stem Seals

  • Easy to Service

  • Easily Automated

  • Two Year Warranty

  • 2" Square Operating Nut

  • Stem Extensions

  • Pneumatic and Electric Actuators

  • Spring Return Handle

  • Valve Safe Lockout

  • Valves for Sodium Hypochlorite Service