KDK Variable Area Flowmeters From Kobold Instruments

Kobold Low Volume Flowmeter The Kobold KDK Variable Area Flowmeters functions at pressures up to 1850 PSIG. Its armored design includes an integral needle valve (also good to 1850 PSIG) for control of both liquid and gas flows. The 316 series stainless steel and PTFE/PFA gasket components are compatible with a large variety of process media.

Up to two switches are available to provide process control capability. The switches are proximity type and can be operated in an intrinsically safe mode with our model EX series control relays. The EX will provide SPDT dry-contact switching appropriate for all your controlling and signalling applications.

Special Features:

SS & PTFE/PFA wetted parts
Pressures to 1850 PSI
Integral needle valve
Small footprint
Up to two limit switches

Product Specifications:

Range: Water: 0.78 to 26.4 GPH
Air (@STP): 1.8 to 120 SCFH
Turndown: 10:1
Units: as desired
Accuracy: ±2.5% of full scale
Fittings: ¼” NPT
Max. Pressure: 1850 PSIG

Temperature Range

No Switch: -110°F to +350°F
With Switch: -10°F to +350°F
Ambient: -10°F to +140°F

Wetted Parts

Main Body: 316-Ti SS
Valve Assembly: 316 SS, 316-Ti SS, PTFE, PFA
Housing: epoxy/polyester coated aluminum
Protection: NEMA 4

Switch Characteristics

Power Supply: 8 VDC, 5 mA
Protocol: NAMUR
Self-inductance: 29 microHenries
Self-capacitance: 20 nanoFarads

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