DAF Paddle Flow Indicator From Kobold Instruments

Paddle Flow Indicator Kobold DAF

Paddle Flow Indicator KOBOLD DAF Paddle Flow Indicator is recommended whenever visual flow indication, without measurement, is required.

The construction of the DAF Paddle Flow Indicator is simple. A rectangular housing with two opposite transparent windows contains a paddle wheel which is set into motion by the flowing medium. The rotating red paddle is highly visible.

The Paddle Flow Indicator can be installed in any orientation and the body can be rotated 360 while in service to allow maximum visibility.

Four material combinations are available allowing the DAF Paddle Flow Indicator to be used with a wide variety of liquids.

Special Features:

  • Clearly Visible Flow Indication

  • Four Material Combinations Available

  • Low Minimum Required Flow

  • Rotatable Body for Easy Viewing

  • Usable with a Wide Variety of Liquid Media

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