DF Paddle Flow Sensor From Kobold Instruments

Paddle Flow Sensor With Frequency OutputThe DF - Paddle Flow Sensor With Frequency Output is the incorporation of a multipole magnet ring into the paddlewheel. As the paddlewheel rotates, these magnets, hermetically separated from the fluid medium, induce an DC signal in a Hall sensor mounted on the device housing.

The DF - Paddle Flow Sensor With Frequency Output can offer the user a number of features useful in the measurement and control of fluid flow. These features include an analog output, adjustable switches, batch controller, or

Special Features:

  • ±2.5% of Full Scale Accuracy

  • Analog Output

  • Easy to Install and Maintain

  • Robust and Reliable

  • No. Min. Requirements for Straight Inlet and Outlet Pipe

  • Low Pressure Drop

  • 7 Different Material Combinations Available

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