DRB Turbine Wheel Variable Area Flowmeters From Kobold Instruments

DRB Turbine Wheel FlowmeterThe DRB - Turbine Wheel Variable Area Flowmeters series turbine wheel Variable Area Flowmeterss are an economical yet very reliable solution for measuring liquid flows in pipes up to 3 inches in diameter. The unique “insertion” impeller design protrudes minimally into the flow stream which minimizes head loss and allows measurement of dirty liquids, and liquids with high solid content, without risk of failure.

The DRB - Turbine Wheel Variable Area Flowmeters and DPE series’ combination of simple, reliable design and variety of body materials and electronics options makes them a sure solution for the toughest flow metering applications..

Special Features:

  • Flow ranges 1.5-8 GPM to 15-200 GPM

  • Bronze or stainless steel bodies

  • Frequency or 4-20 mA output

  • Electronic displays and controllers

  • Max. Pressure 580 PSIG

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