DRF34 - Brass Pressure Gauge From Kobold Instruments

Brass Pressure Gauge w/ SwitchThe DRF34 - Brass Pressure Gauge w/ Switch series is there to fill the need. Copper alloy components make up the bourdon tube sensing element and the indicator movement. The housings with fittings oriented at the bottom are made of stainless steel. With fittings oriented rearward, the housings are uniformly aluminum and feature a panel mounting bezel.

The DRF34 - Brass Pressure Gauge w/ Switch offers a choice of either one or two magnetically coupled or inductive switches. Paraffin oil filling is available to damp movement caused by pressure surges and pulsations.

Special Features:

  • Combination Pressure Gauge & Switch

  • 1 or 2 SPST Switches Possible

  • Bourdon Tube Design

  • ±1.0% Accuracy

  • Pulsation and Vibration Damping Through Optional Paraffin Oil Filling

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