DRM Pressure Gauge Diaphragm Seal From Kobold Instruments

DRM - Diaphragm Seal On occasion, you may be confronted with the task of measuring the pressure of a particularly uncooperative medium. Whether the problem is high viscosity, incompatibility with metals, crystal formation, high temperature or some other trait, chances are a KOBOLD DRM diaphragm seal is the solution to your dilemma. By separating the pressure gauge from the medium via a diaphragm, the more delicate elements of your system can be protected from harsh media properties or process characteristics. Available with a variety of process connections, the DRM may be coupled directly to any KOBOLD pressure gauge, or remotely connected via a filled capillary tube. A capillary tube allows installation of the indicator at a remote location. It can also be a mechanism for isolating the gauge from possible hot processes. ANSI flange, Tri-Clamp®, and NPT fittings are standard. A variety of European (metric) fitting styles are available on request.

DRM - Diaphragm Seal

  • Synthetic or Stainless Steel Wetted Parts

  • Sanitary Version

  • Flanged Versions

  • Threaded Versions

  • Protects From Highly Viscous and Crystallizing Media

  • Pulsation Damping

  • Temperature Isolation

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