DRZ - Rotary Piston Flow Meter From Kobold Instruments

Piston Flow MeterThe DRZ - Rotary Piston Flow Meter series rotary piston positive displacement variable area flow meters combines economy with high performance. The DRZ - Rotary Piston Flow Meter series is designed to measure any clean liquid with lubricating properties and viscosity ranging from 5 to 100 centistoke.

An economical brass body is rugged and provides a pressure rating to 580 PSIG. The DRZ has a low pressure drop of 20 PSI maximum.

Use the DRZ - Rotary Piston Flow Meter with lubricating media such as:

  • Lubricating oil

  • Diesel fuel

  • Glycol mixtures

  • Waxes/pastes

  • Paint

  • Latex polymers

  • Sugar solutions

  • Detergents

Special Features:

  • Flow Range 1.6 to 110 GPH

  • Accurate Measurements for Lubricating Media

  • Economical Brass Construction

  • Accuracy ±1% Reading

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