FPS Flow Switches From Kobold Instruments

FPS Flow Switches KOBOLD FPS Flow Switches are used wherever reliable control for min. or max. liquid flow is required.

FPS Flow Switches operates on the paddle - bellows principle. The flowing medium exerts a force on the paddle and thereby actuates a micro switch. The interchangeable paddle, in conjunction with an adjustment screw, allows for a wide variety of switching points and adaptation of the instrument to different pipe sizes.

The switch mechanism is separated from the process area by the bellows. The FPS - 6000 is a special design used for applications extremely low switching points.

Special Features:

  • Adjustable switch Point

  • Position-Independent Installation

  • Maximum Pressure 160 PSI/450 PSI

  • Adjustable Switching Point

  • Brass or Stainless Steel Construction

  • Micro Switch

  • Maximum Media Temperature: 250F

Product Specifications:

Flow media: liquids
Installation: position independent, arrow must point in direction of flow, straight pipe runs of at least 5 x the inner pipe diameter must be maintained on either side of the instrument
Fitting: 1 NPT
Max. pressure: 160 PSI for brass 450 PSI for SS
Materials: Brass or 321 SS
Bellows: Bronze or 321 SS
Paddle: 316 SS
Micro switch: SPDT, 220 V, 8 A, 1700 VA
Housing: NEMA 4
Max. Temp.: 250F (fluid)
185F Ambient

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