KMI Armored Variable Area Flow Meter From Kobold Instruments

Armoured Low Volume Variable Area Flowmeter The KOBOLD Series KMI is a high pressure, Armored Variable Area Flow Meter with a 316 stainless steel measuring tube and internals. Special versions made of monel, hastelloy C or teflon lined stainless steel are available on request.

The internal measuring float is magnetically linked to a mechanical indicator resulting in a measuring tube with no penetrations of the pressure boundary. This allows the KMI Armored Variable Area Flow Meter to be installed in high pressure systems as a flow measuring device. The standard version is rated to 1450 PSIG. Special versions with pressure ratings to 2300 PSIG are available on some models.

The KMI Armored Variable Area Flow Meter is available with adjustable NUMUR type proximity switches which have instrinsic safety approvals for installation in hazardous locations. An optional 4-20 mA flow transmitter is also available.

Special Features:

  • Water Flow Ranges 0.026-0.26 Through 4.2-42 GPH

  • Air Flow Ranges 0.15-1.3 Through 30-250 SCFH

  • 316 Stainless Steel Body, Monel and Hastelloy C Available

  • Optional Switches and 4-20 mA Output

  • Custom Calibrations are Standard

Product Specifications:

  • Flow media: liquids and gases

  • Mounting: vertical, media flow bottom to top

  • Measuring principle: float/variable area

  • Max. pressure: 1450 PSI

  • Max. temp: Standard 212°F

  • Hi-Temp option 300°F

  • Max. Viscosity: 25-30 cSt depending on range

  • Materials: 316 Ti SS

  • Limit switch: NAMUR type proximity switches (need power supply)

  • Analog Output: 4-20 mA 3-wire

Additional Info:
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