SVN and KSR Low-Volume Flow Switch From Kobold Instruments

Low Volume Flow Switch The Kobold SVN and KSR Low-Volume Flow Switch operates on the same principle as a float type flow indicator. Provided that the flow rate is above a pre-selected minimum, a float is raised from its seat and travels its full stroke to its upper stop.

The SVN Low-Volume Flow Switch utilizes a NAMUR or DC voltage proximity switch that transmits a signal as the switch passes by the float. An optional switching amplifier (model EX or REL) is required for the NAMUR switch. The KSR Low-Volume Flow Switch contains an internal magnet in its float and as the float passes by, activates an isolated reed switch. If the maximum switching capacity of the reed switch is not exceeded, a supplemental relay is not required to provide a triggering function. The SVN and KSR Low-Volume Flow Switch are provided with a factory set switchpoint based upon the user's operating conditions, which are supplied at the time of ordering.

Special Features:

  • Switch Liquid Flows as Low as 0.03 GPH and Gas Flows as Low as 0.1 SCFH

  • 303 Stainless Steel, Glass and Viton Wetted Parts

  • Proximity Switches or Reed Contacts

  • Factory Set Switchpoint

Product Specifications:

  • Switching Ranges (Factory Set)

  • Water: 0.03 – 4 GPH (Model SVN)
    0.03 – 2.5 GPH (Model KSR)

  • Air: 0.1 – 13 SCFH
    Max. Temperature: 160°F
    Max. Pressure: 230 PSIG
    Wetted parts: 303 SS

  • Viton

  • Borosilicate Glass

  • Housing: Anodized Aluminum

  • Fittings: 1/4”NPT, G-¼ Female

Additional Product Info:
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