MRT - Rate Meter, Totalizer & Batcher From Kobold Instruments

Rate Meter Totalizer BatcherThe MRT - Rate Meter, Totalizer & Batcher series offers users a full range of frequency input control options. Through use of full scalability and two internal set-point relays, a wide range of totalizing and rate metering/control applications may be realized. All MRT - Rate Meter, Totalizer & Batcher units feature a six digit LED display for indication of count (total) and/or five digit rate. Two count input channels (A and B) are featured on the totalizing units. Channel A serves double duty as the rate input. The totalizing display can be programmed to show sum (A+B) or net (A-B) values.

Special Features:

  • Display Rate or Total

  • Batching Version Available

  • 2 Presets for Rate or Total

  • Fully Scalable

  • Analog or Serial Communications

  • NEMA 4X Front Panel

  • Pulse Input to 10 kHz

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