NEH - Conductive Level Switches From Kobold Instruments

NEH Conductive Level SwitchesThe NEH - Conductive Level Switches series can be used to monitor the level of weakly to strongly conductive liquids. The device works through measurement of the
electrical resistance between a sensing electrode and a reference electrode.

The Kobold Model NEH level switch is intended for use in monitoring and control applications involving conductive liquids which may be contaminated with dirt or solids. The model NE level switch combined with the model NE-104 or NE-304 electrode relay, provides both a level monitoring function and pump-up, pump-down function. The model NE level switch can be provided with up to six electrodes. One electrode is used as a reference electrode while the other five are used as switch points. If the container being monitored is constructed of conductive materials the container itself may be used as the reference electrode, thereby providing a maximum of six possible switchpoints.

Special Features:

  • Multiple Setpoints

  • Usable with Corrosive Media

  • Usable with Dirty Media

  • Highly Reliable

Product Specifications:

Maximum Temperature: : 194° F
Maximum Pressure: 150 PSIG

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