NEK - Compact Conductive Level Switch From Kobold Instruments

Compact Conductive Level SwitchesThe NEK - Compact Conductive Level Switch series is an excellent choice for monitoring the level of conductive liquids in tanks. The NEK series conductive level switch senses liquid level by applying a low AC voltage to a set of stainless steel electrodes.

The NEK compact level switch is available with either a Ryton or polypropylene body with 316-Ti stainless steel electrodes standard. This makes the NEK - Compact Conductive Level Switch suitable for many chemicals and aggressive media. The solid state design has no moving parts so the NEK is also a sure bet for dirty liquids as well as those with high solids content.

Special Features:

  • Compact Design

  • No Moving Parts

  • Excellent For Dirty, Low Viscosity or Aggressive Liquids

  • Transistor Switch or Relay Outputs Available

  • Ryton or Polypropylene Bodies

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