NWP - Plastic Vibrating Fork Level Switch From Kobold Instruments

Plastic Vibrating Fork Level SwitchesThe NWP - Plastic Vibrating Fork Level Switch works on the vibrating fork principle. The tuning fork vibrates at a frequency of 400 Hz in air. The robust vibrating fork technology provides a reliable switch for a multitude of tough applications and is suitable for use with foaming, turbulent and some coating media. The all solid state design of the NWP - Plastic Vibrating Fork Level Switch affords the user the ultimate in reliability. A chemically resistant all-plastic design makes it ideal for use with many aggressive liquids.

Special Features:

  • All Plastic Construction

  • Tolerates Foaming, Turbulence and Coatings

  • Reliable Solid State Design

  • No Wear Components

  • NEMA 6 rating

Product Specifications:

Maximum Temperature: 194° F
Maximum Pressure: 150 PSIG

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