PPS - Flow Paddle Type Switch From Kobold Instruments

Paddle Type PPS Flow Switch The extraordinary reliability of the KOBOLD PPS Flow Paddle Type Switch is available at a competitive price. It is installable in pipes 1 and larger without the use of diaphragms, sealing bellows, or O-rings.

These PPS Flow Paddle Type Switch units, made of polysulfone, are almost maintenance free. Operation of the unit is clearly visible through the polysulfone housing.

The PPS Flow Paddle Type Switch series is available with either a normally open or a normally closed contact. Installation is easy. Simply insert the PPS Flow Paddle Type Switch in a standard T, or a reducing T, sealed with teflon tape. Allow for a straight pipe run of at least 3-times the pipe diameter on either side of the T to avoid turbulence.

Product Specifications:

Material: Polysulfone, transparent
Connecting thread: 1? NPT
Temperature of medium: Max. 225F
Operating pressure: Max.145 PSI
Max. pressure drop: 1.45 PSI
Adjustment accuracy: 20%
Switch repeatability: 3%
Other materials exposed to the medium: Stainless steel, ceramic magnet
Electric connection: DIN 43650 plug
Mode of protection: NEMA 4
Switch: Normally open contact or normally closed contact, hermetically sealed, magnetically actuated switch.
Switching capacity: 15 VA max. 0.5 A max. 250 V max.

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