RCM - Differential Pressure Direct Reading Flow Meter From Kobold Instruments

RCM Differential Pressure Direct The RCM is a Differential Pressure Direct Reading Flow Meter. It is suitable for monitoring all liquids and gases that have low or medium viscosity, low solids content, and are compatible with the materials of construction. The RCM Differential Pressure Direct Reading Flow Meter features rugged, compact construction. In liquid applications of 6 GPM and higher, pulsation snubbers are incorporated into the connecting pressure passages to produce smooth meter operation independent of pipeline turbulence.

This RCM Differential Pressure Direct Reading Flow Meter was developed for industrial flow metering applications in which durability and reliability are important considerations. Accuracy, small size, low cost, minimal maintenance and resistance to accidental damage are the prime goals in the RCM design. Typical applications include: lube oil and cooling water monitoring, blending processes, reverse osmosis systems, and compressed air measurement.

The RCM Differential Pressure Direct Reading Flow Meter is available with a 420 mA output for interfacing with remote displays and controllers. Limit switches are available to provide high and low limit signals. A 01000 Hz frequency output is available to drive frequency based controllers and counters.

Special Features:

  • Compact Design

  • Easy to Install

  • For Horizontal or Vertical Pipes

  • Rugged Construction

  • Accuracy: 3% Full Scale

  • Rangeability 6:1

  • Flow Rates up to 3000 GPM Liquid or 20000 SCFM Gas

  • Low Pressure Drop

  • Optional Alarms and Output Signals

Product Specifications:

3% Full Scale
Flow Media:
Liquids and Gases
Horizontal or Vertical
Temperature Range
(Ambient and Process)
30 to 212 F
80 to 350 F
Maximum Pressure
180 PSIG
400 PSIG
UV stabilized
Bronze, Monel,or 316 SS
Option -ES:
also TeflonTM
Bronze, Monel 316 SS or InconelTM
Bronze or SS
Buna-N, Viton,Ethylene Propylene or TeflonTM
Relay Options:
High/Low Alarms
Output Options:
01000 Hz Frequency