REL-6 - Instrinsically Safe Relay/Power Supply From Kobold Instruments

Instrinsically Safe Relay Power SupplyThe REL-6 - Instrinsically Safe Relay/Power Supply series provides an intrinsically safe control circuit allowing simple apparatus (dry contacts) or NAMUR type switches to operate control devices within hazardous areas.

The REL-6 - Instrinsically Safe Relay/Power Supply transmits digital signals from hazardous areas. Sensors according to DIN 19 234 (NAMUR) or mechanical (dry) contacts may be used as signal transmitters. If desired, the control circuit may be monitored for line breakage (LB) and/or short circuit (SC) conditions. The input is galvanically isolated from the output circuit according to DIN EN 50178. The device is fitted with detachable terminals that greatly simplify the wiring installation.

Special Features:

  • Terminals: SPDT: 7 (common), 8 (n/o), 9 (n/c)

  • Contact load:
    250 VAC/2 A/cos .> 0.7
    120 VAC/4A
    40 VDC/2 A resistive load

  • Mechanical service life: 107 switching cycles

  • Switching delay: approximately 20 ms

  • Switching frequency: = 10 Hz

  • Case material: Polycarbonate (Macrolon)

  • Dimensions: 118 x 20 x 115 mm (H x W x D)

  • Protection: IP 20

  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)

  • Weight: approximately 150 g (5.3 oz.)

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