SMN Series Flow Switches From Kobold Instruments

SMN Flow Switches for LiquidsThe SMN series flow switches are used where extremely low flow switching points are required in conjunction with minimal pressure drop at high flow rates. Typical applications include: control of water in cooling circuits, high-pressure cleaning equipment, flow detection in heating systems and a wide variety of other flow control applications. The SMN series flow switches, with all-metal wetted parts, works on the float principle, but does not use the standard conical metering tube or slotted measuring nozzle. The special construction of the SMN float and flow tube requires that only a very low flow is necessary to slightly raise the float and thus close the contact. When the float reaches the top of its travel, an additional flow path opens, allowing high flow rates without a significant increase pressure loss. The float resets on a loss of flow with the help of an opposing permanent magnet allowing the SMN series flow switches to be installed in any orientation with no resetting springs to wear out.

Special Features:

  • Switching Range:

  • On: 0.4 – 13 GPM Water

  • Off: 0.25 – 1 GPM Water

  • Maximum Pressure: 3600 PSIG Brass, 5000 PSIG SS

  • Maximum Temperature: 250°F

  • Fittings: 1” FNPT

  • Reed Contact: N/O (std.) or SPDT (opt.)

Product Specifications:

  • Switching Range:
    On: 0.4 – 13 GPM Water
    Off: 0.25 – 1 GPM Water

  • Wetted Materials: Brass or SS

  • Max. Pressure:
    3600 PSIG Brass
    5000 PSIG SS

  • Temperature: 250°F Max.

  • Fittings: 1” FNPT

  • Switch Type: N/O (std.) or SPDT (opt.) Reed Contact

  • Maximum Contact Ratings: N/O:
    240 VAC,100 VA,1.5 A

  • SPDT:
    240 VAC,60 VA,1.0 A

  • Protection: NEMA 4X/ IP 65

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