ST - Mini Infrared Thermometer From Kobold Instruments

Mini Infrared ThermometerThe ST - Mini Infrared Thermometer is a low cost non-contact temperature
measurement tool. The ST can spot heat problems early in your electrical and
mechanical systems, machinery and equipment, and help you avoid costly repairs, downtime and ruined product.

The ST - Mini Infrared Thermometer is rugged, simple and safe to use. It is an everyday maintenance tool which can be used by anyone. There’s no need to focus or calibrate, and no need for special training. You simply aim, pull the trigger, and read the temperature. Since there is no need to touch what you’re measuring, temperatures of hard-to-reach, moving or hazardous materials can be taken without getting burned or shocked, and without contamination. The ST is also designed to be held away from the eye so vision isn’t blocked in a dangerous environment.

Special Features:

  • Easy to Use

  • Rugged Design

  • Temperature Range:
    0 to 750°F ST-2000
    -4 to 932°F ST-6000

  • Large Easy-To Read Display

  • Battery Powered

  • Affordable Priced

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