TDA - Digital Temperature Sensor From Kobold Instruments

Digital Temperature SensorThe TDA - Digital Temperature Sensor series digital temperature sensor incorporates the latest sensing technology into a very versatile, simple to operate package. Output span, dampening and lockout code are programmable from a keypad on the controller. The heart of the sensor is a semiconductor sensing element which sends a digital temperature signal to the processor in 0.5°C increments.

The TDA - Digital Temperature Sensor is available with the controller mounted directly onto the sensing probe or separated for mounting the probe remotely from the controller. Various probe lengths are available. The remote probe version has a smooth shank (no
fitting) allowing the user to adjust the probe insertion depth by installing with a compression fitting sold as an accessory item.

Special Features:

  • Measuring Range -58 to 250°F

  • Scalable Output Transmitter

  • Large Easy-to-Read LED Display

  • All Stainless Steel Construction

  • Rugged and Reliable

  • Remote Sensor Available

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