TST - Integrated Temperature Transmitter From Kobold Instruments

 Integrated Temperature TransmitterThe TST - Integrated Temperature Transmitter series integrated temperature
transmitter is one of the most advanced designs in the market today. The transmitter section is integrated and hermetically sealed into the head of the sensor. For this reason, the TST does not require a separate transmitter housing. The microminiature transmitter assembly fits into a low profile socket which is
only 2 inches long!

The TST - Integrated Temperature Transmitter industrial and sanitary versions
are available in either NPT threaded or Tri-clamp versions. Special finishes for food and dairy industry are standard. The hermetically sealed transmitter and external cables will withstand the harshest washdowns.

Special Features:

  • Factory Calibrated

  • Low Cost and Easy Installation

  • Microprocessor Based Design

  • Compact Size and Hermitically Sealed

  • Field Calibrate or Re-span Via PC Interface

  • RTD Sensor Outputs Linearized 4-20 mA Signal

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