koflo logoFor limited applications where there is not enough length to accommodate a standard Static Mixer, Koflo offers a wafer mixer utilizing a Series 365 non-clog mixing element. The wafer mixer element provides both counter-rotating vortices and back mixing to achieve blending in the customer’s adjacent downstream piping. Primarily for high flow/low viscosity blending, Koflo Wafer Static Mixers are manufactured in almost all of the materials as our standard static mixer product line. For most applications a standard static mixer is still preferable, but our wafer static mixer can be an effective alternate when designed properly for the correct flow and mixing constraints.

Wafer Static Mixers

Wafer Mixer Typical Applications

  • Chlorine disinfection
  • pH control

Non-Stock Options

  • Chemical injection ports
  • Koflo Chemical Injection Quills

Typical Installation

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