Universal Joints, LovejoyLovejoy has been manufacturing industrial universal joints for over 50 years. Our industrial universal joint product line is well established and provides you with a wide range of standard and Universal Joints, Lovejoyspecialized products. The shape of the yoke is a special feature which results in exceptionally high strength, yet allows full, free movement of the joint. This accounts for the high horsepower capacity at high speeds.

  • Industry standard

  • Stainless steel and needle bearing available

  • 13 sizes

  • Pin & Block design

  • Boot retaining grooves standard

Universal Joints Coupling Catalog

Universal Joints, Lovejoy

D Type Universal Joints

This standard industrial-type universal joint with pin & block design is ideal for applications up to 25° and speeds to 1750 RPM.

Universal Joints, Lovejoy

HD Type Universal Joints

A high quality universal joint made to exacting tolerances, the HD will normally provide twice the life of a standard industrial-type universal joint.

Universal Joints, Lovejoy

D303 Stainless Universal Joints

D type universal joints are available in stainless steel when contact with a corrosive atmosphere or sanitation requirements are a factor.

Universal Joints, Lovejoy

Needle Bearing Type Universal Joints

Designed with high quality, pre-lubricated, and sealed needle bearings, this universal joint provides the reliability necessary for speeds up to 6000 RPM and angles up to 25°.

Universal Joints, Lovejoy

LOJ and JR-4 Universal Joints

These economical universal joints with offset pin design are ideal for use on hand operated, low torque drives. They are capable of operating angles to 45°.

Universal Joints, Lovejoy

Multi-Spindle Type Universal Joints

Multi-spindle universal joint assemblies consist of two quality HD universal joints mounted at opposite ends of a spring loaded shaft. They are used to connect drill head drives to the drill spindles.

Universal Joints, Lovejoy

Universal Joint Boots Universal Joints

The life of a universal joint can be extended substantially if booted. Wear areas of the universal joint are protected from dirt and contaminants, while lubrication is retained.