Midwest Mixing Inc Portable and Vertical Mixers

Midwest Mixing, Inc. are manufacturers of a complete line of Mixers since 1946. Stirrers, Portable Mixers, Vertical and Side Entering Mixers. Electric motors are TEFC or explosion proof. Inverters are available for variable speed. Air motors come with a needle valve for speed control.

Midwest Mixing, Inc. has many standard models but we can design new models for specific situations.

Midwest Mixing, Inc. also has Paint Shakers in air and electric models to five gallon capacity.


Air Driven Stirrers

Seven models of air driven stirrers.


Bung Mixers for Closed Drums

Featuring Agitator Drum Mixers models 15A and 35A and Bung Mixers models 33AD, 33D, 12D and 13AD.


Direct Drive Mixers

MIXM Mixers are well balanced. Steels selected for shafts assure highest straightness factor and concentricity. Shaft diameter and length is chosen to assure optimum performance within critical speed limits. The center of gravity is located above clamp cup for ease in changing position of mixer or changing angle of shaft.


Geared Mixers

MIXM Portable Mixers are truly portable. They weigh as little as possible without compromising quality. Design throughout is to assure ease of handling.

Paint Shakers,Paint,Shakers,Midwest,Mixing

Paint Shakers

  • Positive action clamp will not loosen.

  • Ball bearing throughout, prelubricated at factory, doubly sealed - no maintenance.

  • Eccentric drive mechanism proven by 22 years in the field.

  • Explosion proof motor and switch, or 0-30 minute timer optional.


Portable,Stepless,Variable,Speed,Mixers,Laboratory Mixers,Midwest,Mixing

Stepless Variable Speed Mixers

  • Operate from 60 cycle AC Source

  • Direct drive or Geared drip proof, totally enclosed, or explosion proof

  • Miniaturized, Solid State, Electronic Control

  • Wide Speed Range

  • Full Rated Torque at All Speeds


Vertical Mixers,Vertical,Mixers,Midwest,Mixing

Vertical Mixers

Midwest Mixing Inc., builds Vertical Mixers in various styles and designs: direct drive, geared, electrical or air driven (at speeds suitable) for the impellers used, the tank dimensions, the mixing objectives, and the fluids involved). Mountings can be furnished for use on tanks made of steel, fiberglass, wood or other materials, open or closed, with or without vacuum or pressure, jacketed or non-jacketed, with or without internal heating elements.