Promag Pumps - Models

Promag,Pumps,Promag PumpsPromag centrifugal magnetic-drive pumps have been engineered for efficient, reliable, zero leakage pumping in a wide range of chemical processes and OEM system applications. Promag pumps may look similar to competitive designs but the features and performance capabilities of Promag allows for retrofitting many existing systems without costly re-piping modifications.

Wider Performance Range:

Larger diameter shafts, and heavy duty internal bearings allow Promag pumps to operate across the entire performance curve in a continuous service mode. Promag pumps are particularly suited for trouble-free operation in filtration, spray systems and other high head applications.

Modular Impellers Match Hydraulic Requirements

An interchangeable impeller design, independent of the internal magnet, is standard on all Promag pumps. Standard impeller sizes are available from stock for matching performance requirements. Five standard sizes accommodate 1.0 through 1.8 specific gravity liquids, preventing the overloading of magnetic couplings and motors.

Promag,Pumps,Promag PumpsStandard NEMA Motors

Promag pumps are fitted with standard NEMA frame 56-C or 1430TC motors for minimizing replacement costs. A wide range of specifications can be met, including high efficiency, TEFC, UL Explosion Proof, and Mill & Chem Duty

Promag Performance

All Promag pumps employ a volute casing design for optimum efficiencies and higher head capacities. Oversized internal components are built to withstand maximum axial and radial shaft loads. Heavy casing wall thickness adds strength, chemical resistance and temperature capability.

Promag,Pumps,Promag PumpsAdvanced Magnet Technology

Segmented magnets provide high torque with low mass to resist uncoupling and reduce bearing wear. Special rare earth magnets provide reliable performance, even in high temperature conditions.

M Series
M Series seal-less mag-drive thermoplastic centrifugal pumps provide high reliability, with emphasis on optimum chemical compatibility. Interchangeable impellers provide flexibility for precisely matching head and flow capacities. PROMAG can be used in a wide range of acids and alkaline solutions up to temperatures of 200°F.

MV Series
MV Series vertical seal-less mag-drive thermoplastic centrifugal pumps, ideally suited for filtration & spray systems, provide high reliability for intank and sump applications. The "MV" mag-drive liquid end is a true seal-less pump, free of lip or labyrinth seals. The hermetically sealed column ensures trouble free operation-complete isolation of the motor from the process liquid prevents internal motor corrosion and/or product contamination. Interchangeable impellers provide process flexibility for precisely matching head and flow capacities. Also, the standard enclosed centrifugal impeller design delivers maximum efficiencies, eliminating the need for repellers that increase power requirements and reduce performance.

SR Series
SR Series seal-less mag-drive alloy centrifugal pump designs meet zero emission requirements in a very cost effective manner, without compromising reliability. Rugged containment shells provide maximum breach resistance for a zero leakage process, even during system upsets. Interchangeable impellers provide flexibility by precisely matching head and flow capacities.

ST Series
ST Series pumps are manufactured with a valute casing designs for optimum efficiency and higher head.
Oversized internal components are built to withstand maximum axial and radialshaft loads. Heavy casing wall thickness adds strenght, and temperature capability. Magnetic couplings provides high torque with low mass of internal magnet to resist uncoupling and reduce bearing wear.