External Gear Pumps

Performance under pressure


The external gear pumping principle  uses two rotating gears which unmesh at the suction side of the pump to create voids which allow atmospheric pressure to force fluid into the pump.  The spaces between the gear teeth transport the fluid along the outer perimeter of the housing to the discharge side, and then the gears re-mesh at the center to discharge the fluid.  The gears are supported by bearings on both sides, which allows high discharge pressure capabilities.


External Gear Pump Products

Metallic, Sealed Pumps

Spur Gear

Spur Gear

Metallic, Sealless Pumps for crucial liquid containment applications

Spur Gear Mag Drive

Spur Gear Mag Drive

Non-Metallic Composite, Sealed Pumps for corrosive liquids



Non-Metallic Composite, Sealless Pumps for corrosive and hazardous liquids

Vi-Corr® Mag Drive

CMD Composite Mag Drive

Vi-CorrŪ Mag Drive

CMD Composite Mag Drive

Hydraulic Pumps, Motors, and Flow Dividers for industrial or mobile fluid power applications
Hydraulic Pumps, Motors, and Flow Dividers

Fluid Power