Rotary Lobe Pumps From Viking Pump

Rotary Lobe Pumps, Viking Pump

Rotary lobe pumps use timing gears to eliminate contact between the rotors, which allows their use on non-lubricating fluids. Various rotor forms are available, including bi-wing (shown at left) and multi-lobe options. 

These pumps offer low shear and gentle handling of the liquid to minimize product degradation.They're also easy to clean in place (CIP) or strip clean between operations for batching applications.


Rotary Lobe Pump Products

Wright Flow Technologies Acculobe

Acculobe: Introducing the EHEDG certified AccuLobe, the next generation of innovative pump solutions from Wright Flow Technologies. Specifically designed to reduce overfill costs and eliminate troublesome maintenance tasks. Accurate, low flow pumping with easy maintenance. EHEDG certified.

Acculobe Pump
Wright Classic Lobe Pumps

Classic +: A new range of pumps specifically for the European and North American Markets to replace the Classic Pump. The NEW Classic+ combines a proven design with extraordinary features to produce a lobe pump ideally suited for today's demanding applications requiring a traditional lobe pump.

Wright Flow Classic +
Sterilobe Lobe Pumps

Sterilobe: Robust modular design with DIN 24960 seal housing. A completely new concept in rotary lobe pumps designed for hygienic and industrial applications. Both Bi-wing and Multi-Lobe rotors are available with clearances to 150°C making them suitable for all CIP and SIP conditions. As standard the rotors are manufactured from 316L stainless steel. The standard seal is a class 1 hygienic mechanical seal, with other options available. The pump conforms to all the relevant EHEDG cleanliness requirements and in the critical area of the mechanical seal, exceeds the design criteria to make the SteriLobe one of the cleanest standard construction pumps available.

Wright Flow Tech SteriLobe
Wright Concept SQ Lobe Pumps

RTP: Rotary Lobe Pumps designed specifically for the Road Tanker industry, hygienic, light in weight, big on output. The pump has an aluminum gear case for light weight, 316L pump head components for hygiene and corrosion resistance, optimized displacement, high pressure performance and hygienic design gives fleet operators an easy solution to their pumping requirements.

Wright Concept SQ

The Revolution™ is the first true CIP (Clean in Place) Hybrid Lobe Pump and delivers increased product yield, increased lifetime of components, reduced maintenance costs, with outstanding CIP cleanability and higher standards of hygiene.