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Electromechanical Safety Switch from DOLD

Electromechanical safety switches monitor accesses or safety gates. When opening an access the machine switches off immediately.

Electromechanical safety switches are used in different safety areas. The most common applications areas are the protection of movable separating guards, as for example safety gates and covers in machines and plant constructions. When opening the protection guard the dangerous movements must be switched off immediately and be secured against restarting. The hazardous machine will only be put back into operation with the safety guard in closed and locked condition.

Safety switch design 2
The contacts are operated when removing the actuator
Switch with key
The contacts are operated and the key can be removed when the actuator is taken out
Switch with mechanical locking
The contacts are operated and the actuator is released when the key is removed
Key-operated switch
The contacts are operated when the key is removed

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