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In-Rail-Bus System From DOLD

Smartest solution for a reliable and quick transmission of signals, data and energy by an uninterruptible and flexible system solution.

This user-friendly and highly flexible BUS system is the smartest solution for a reliable and quick transmission of signals, data and energy. In modular applications, it replaces costly wiring when it comes to connection, distribution or even power supply. Thus, this In-Rail bus reduces wiring costs and error-proneness. It offers higher efficiency, great flexibility and also makes later system changes a breeze.

The IN-RAIL-BUS system is based on a carrier section. It can be easily integrated in the 35 mm standard DIN rail and accommodates the BUS pcb that can be individually configured. With its high flexibility, this concept allows a variety of custom solutions.

User-friendly and easy to service

KS 4400

Quick and easy module installation, even in existing module configurations without effect on adjacent modules. This saves time and costs also in case of module change.

Free choice of positions

KO 4000

Free positioning of the modules on all 35 mm standard carrier rails. An optional coding allows you to specify positions. Covers are available for unused sections.

Connecting rather than wiring

KO 4030

Module connection is made by simple snapping onto the top-hat rail rather than costly wiring. When doing so, the module is safely connected to the In-Rail bus.

Highly scalable

KO 4300

Consistent connecting solution for all enclosure types and widths from the 17.5 mm narrow compact solution up to large enclosures with almost any width.

High contact reliability

KO 4030

The machine-solderable contact spring block with its goldplated contacts ensures a permanent contact to the In-Rail bus. This prevents unwanted bus interruptions and high contact resistances and thus provides a maximal availability of your system.

Cost-effective manufacturing

KO 4030

In a single process step, each BUS contact block is soldered in the device's pcb together with the electronic components of the device. There is no need for manual rework.

Advantages of the In-Rail-Bus:

  • Reliable and quick transmission of signals, data and energy
  • Replaces costly individual wiring
  • Quick and cost-effective module exchange
  • Protection against accidental contact by configurable rail covers and end caps
  • Allows a variety of custom solutions
  • Also suitable for device-internal BUS connections between multiple functional modules
  • UL-approved

Current datasheets to download as PDF-file

Bus system in DIN-rail
Description Type
Spring contact block
Spring contact block 5 poles
Spring contact block 8 poles

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