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Electromechanical Safety Switches With Electrical Monitoring From DOLD

Electromechanical safety switches monitor safety guards, safety gates and other safeguarding equipment. Only after successful input of the key the access can be opened.

Electromechanical safety switches are used in different safety areas. Often they are used in safety applications in which the safe protection and monitoring of movable separating protection devices must be ensured.

The locking unit can only be opened and unlocked after insertion of the key. When opening the access (safety guards, safety gates etc.) hazardous machines or systems must immediately be switched off and a restart must be prevented. Only when the access has been closed and the locking been returned in its starting position, the key can be removed again and the interlock will be activated. Only in this condition the machine can be switched on again.

RXK01M / RX10A

Mechanical guard lock with actuator position monitoring

The actuator can be removed and the contacts are switched after the key has been inserted on top. The RX10A variant offers electric monitoring of the key

RXK11M / RX11A

Mechanical guard lock with key exchange and actuator position monitoring

After the first key has been inserted above, the second key and the actuator can be removed, thereby operating the contacts; The RX11A variant offers electric monitoring of the first key


Mechanical guard lock with monitoring of second key

After the first key has been inserted above, the actuator and the second key can be removed, thereby operating the contacts; depending on system coding, this function can be inverted and the first key is electrically monitored


Key exchange unit with monitoring

The second key can be removed after the first key on top has been removed; this switches the contacts

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